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  • The Risks Of Steroid Use

    The Risks Of Steroid Use

    Anabolic steroids have been in the spotlight in the world of professional sports since many athletes have been discovered using drugs to enhance their performance. But what often slides under the radar is the increased use of steroids by adolescents looking to improve their physical appearance and abilities. While most adult athletes are aware of the risks of steroid use, it’s important to stress the dangers to young adults who may be unaware of the potential harm they can do to their bodies by using steroids. Below is some information to help you educate your child on the risks of steroid use.

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  • How to Prevent Yoga Injuries

    How to Prevent Yoga Injuries

    Perhaps due to the increasingly stressful lifestyle of many Americans, yoga has become an increasingly popular way to release stress and strengthen the body. Studies have demonstrated yoga’s many benefits, including increased flexibility, better posture, improved breathing, reduced stress and improved heart health. But as with any form of physical activity, there is a risk of injury involved in yoga practice.

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  • Get the facts about runner’s knee

    Get the facts about runner’s knee

    It’s a moment every runner dreads: You’re midway through a training plan for your next race when you start to feel a dull, aching pain in your knee. The pain is at its worst when you take the stairs or sit at your desk for an extended period of time. Luckily, knee pain is a very common running injury that will usually heal on its own. However, it’s still important for runners educate themselves about runner’s knee should it ever affect them.

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  • Stingers and Burners: A Common Football Injury

    Stingers and Burners: A Common Football Injury

    One of the most common injuries in football is called a burner, also known as a stinger—an injury to the nerve of the upper arm. This injury earns its name because it causes a stinging or burning sensation that radiates from the shoulder to the hand. The sensation is often described as an electric shock or lightening bolt that shoots down the arm, starting at the neck or shoulder. If you or your child plays football, it’s important to know the cause of burners and stingers and how they can be prevented.

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  • How To Identify A Concussion

    How To Identify A Concussion

    Though football has been a favorite American pastime for almost a century, the sport has faced much scrutiny over player concussions in recent years. In 2013, there were 228 diagnosed concussions during practices and games in the NFL, while from 2005 to 2012, the rate of concussions in high school athletes in the U.S. doubled.

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  • Congratulations to Huong Le on 10 years of service!

    Congratulations to Huong Le on 10 years of service!

    Congratulations Huong Le on ten years of service!

    Huong Le is the Physician Liaison for North Central Surgical Center Hospital. She has responsibility for managing relationships with the hospital’s physician partners and their offices, driving patient referrals, overseeing an aggressive marketing program, and providing direction to the senior team on a number of fronts, including social media development, marketing, and sales functions.

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  • What is Turf Toe?

    What is Turf Toe?

    While it’s one of the most harmless injuries, turf toe can be a nagging annoyance for athletes. Turf toe is defined as a sprain of the big toe’s main joint. Usually this occurs when an athlete is pushing off before a sprint and the toe is bent into hyperextension, with the toe stuck flat on the ground.

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  • ACL Injuries Explored

    ACL Injuries Explored

    Each year, an estimated 200,000 people are sidelined by anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. Of those 200,000 injuries, 100,000 require ACL reconstructive surgery. Typically those who play high-risk sports, such as basketball, football or soccer are more likely to experience an ACL injury. If you are an athlete, or even just someone who is active, it’s important to know how ACL injuries occur and what you can do to prevent them. Read below for more information on ACL injuries.

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  • The Importance of Wearing a Helmet

    The Importance of Wearing a Helmet

    With temperatures finally cooling down, it’s important to brush up on bike safety rules so your kids can ride safely and enjoy the cooler weather. For both adults and children, the most important way to stay safe on a bike is to always wear a helmet. No matter how skilled a roadster your child may be, it’s important they wear a helmet any time they ride a bike, go roller skating or hop on a skateboard.

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  • Preventing Football Injuries

    Preventing Football Injuries

    In 2012, an estimated 466,492 people were taken to the emergency room with football-related injuries. Now that football season is in full swing, it’s important for athletes to take precautions in order to have a full and healthy season. Read below to learn several ways that players can maintain optimal health this football season.

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