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Direct Screen Colonoscopy Program

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Colonoscopy is a procedure used to view the large intestine (colon and rectum) using an instrument called a colonoscope, a flexible tube with a small camera and light source attached to its tip. It may be performed for screening, diagnosis or to carry out an interventional procedure. A diagnostic colonoscopy is performed when one has symptoms such as anemia or blood in the stools. Screening colonoscopies are performed in the absence of symptoms for the early detection of precancerous or cancerous conditions.

Screening colonoscopies save lives and are highly recommended after the age of 50. If a family history of colon cancer is present, it is recommended after the age of 40. Screening is usually repeated every 5 or 10 years depending on your risk factors.

Our Direct Screen Colonoscopy Program offers a simple solution to your preventive care needs by eliminating an unnecessary office visit. We schedule you directly through North Central Surgical Center with one of our participating Board-Certified surgeons. This preventive service is covered by most insurance plans.

After qualifying for the program, you will receive a call from a pre-admissions nurse to review your medical history, refer you to an office, discuss important pre-procedural instructions including modification in diet and medications, advice on bowel prep, and things to carry with you on the day of the procedure. Feel free to clarify any questions with the pre-admissions nurse at this time.

You will arrive at North Central Surgical Center directly for the procedure, along with someone to drive you home. You will be given sedation at the time of your procedure. Therefore, you must make arrangement to have a responsible, adult driver. Taxi services are are not permitted. You will not be able to drive until the next morning.

Colonoscopies are generally safe but may occasionally be associated with the risk of bleeding, tearing or perforation of the colon lining.

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Colon Cancer Screening


Our Providers: Direct Screen Colonoscopy Program Board-Certified Surgeons