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You Know You Need a Hip Replacement When

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You Know You Need a Hip Replacement When
You Know You Need a Hip Replacement When

You may have sudden sharp pain in your hip or constant pain that makes it hard to sleep. Whichever it is, how will you know when it’s time to consider total hip replacement surgery? If you’re reading this blog, the thought of hip replacement has likely crossed your mind at one time or another. You’ve likely tried non-invasive treatment options like pain relievers, prescription pain medications, cortisone injections and perhaps even physical therapy. And if you’re like most people, you want to avoid surgery. After all, it’s a big decision.

Why Your Hip Hurts

Over 50 million people in the US suffer from arthritis, making it the leading cause of disability in the country. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease where the cartilage in your hip wears down. You may have heard the term “bone on bone”, which means exactly that – there is no longer cartilage acting as a cushion between the bones, and that’s what causes the pain in your hip.

Try Non-Surgical Treatments First

Arthritis pain can be debilitating; however there are many non-invasive treatment options to help you manage the pain. In addition to medications, injections and physical therapy, lifestyle changes can positively impact your overall health. Make sure you’re eating a healthy diet with plenty of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Also, if you are overweight, losing weight may reduce your hip pain.

Hip Replacement Surgery

The goals of hip replacement are to alleviate hip pain and to restore hip motion. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, there are about 300,000 hip replacements done every year in the US, and about 90% of people get back to their normal activities within a few months of surgery.

Hip replacement is an elective surgery; so it’s a personal decision. How do you know when it’s time for surgery?

  • When medications, non-surgical treatment and lifestyle changes no longer help manage your pain
  • When your hip pain is impacting your mood, your decisions or your everyday life

Contact us to find out if you’re a candidate for total hip replacement. North Central Surgical Center has done many successful hip replacement surgeries.  Our total joint surgeons say “There’s no question that hip replacement surgery significantly impacts the quality of life for so many patients. It’s wonderful to see our patients return to a pain-free life and enjoy their favorite activities again.”