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What Your Sweat Is Telling You

What Your Sweat Is Telling You
What Your Sweat Is Telling You

What Your Sweat Is Telling YouFor most people sweating is a cause for social embarrassment and given a choice, they would rather not sweat at all. But did you know according to research studies the fitter you are, the more you sweat!

Even though it can make you uncomfortable, sweating is a natural and healthy mechanism used by your body to cool down. There are many reasons your body might tend to heat up. It could be due to vigorous physical activity, hot weather conditions, or eating hot/spicy foods. Sweat production may also be triggered by fear or nervousness.

The normal amount of sweat you produce could vary between less than one liter to several liters a day depending on the demands placed on your body, but in general most people can tell when they are sweating excessively or too little.

  • Heavy sweating may be an indication of heart or lung disease, menopause, or even a stroke. If you tend to sweat even while sitting calmly in an air-conditioned room for no apparent reason, you could have hyperhidrosis, a medical condition that causes your body to produce 4-5 times more sweat than needed to maintain your body temperature.
  • Little or no sweating even after intense physical exertion could also indicate a problem. This could be due to a genetic predisposition or a disorder with your sweat glands. Either way, your body will most likely struggle to effectively regulate internal temperature.

The balance of metabolites and electrolytes in your sweat contains a wealth of information that can give a pretty accurate picture about your health - whether you are suffering from illness, have a chronic infection, or living with constant stress.

If you suspect that you may have an abnormal sweating condition that is affecting your health or interfering with your social life, contact your doctor or visit the North Central Surgical Center for a personalized treatment recommendation.

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