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What is Prehabilitation, and Why is it Necessary?

What is Prehabilitation, and Why is it Necessary?
What is Prehabilitation, and Why is it Necessary?

A prehabilitation program involves an assessment of the condition, exercise therapy, and education to help meet the functional, social, and psychological needs of each patient. It improves strength prior to the surgery and may help reduce the time required for postsurgical recovery.

During the initial prehabilitation session a thorough assessment is done which helps determine what the specific needs of the patient are and if any special equipment is needed to smooth the road to recovery.

Typically, patients will be taken through a series of exercises that will target key muscle groups needed to help you perform daily activities during the immediate postsurgical period. It will include active and passive range of motion exercises, concentric movements, and isometrics. The program will be modified based on the pre-existing medical condition of the patient. The therapist will also address special needs of the patient.

Prehabiliation is very beneficial for orthopedic patients undergoing joint replacement procedures. According to the Arthritis Foundation, prehabilitaiton before knee surgery may reduce the need for formal in-patient postsurgical physical therapy by as much as 73%.

The prehabilitation process follows a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to treatment. We encourage you to bring along family members and get all your questions answered so you are assured of the highest level of care.

At North Central Surgical Center, we are dedicated to doing everything possible to ensure our patients are well informed and prepared for their upcoming surgery. Talk to your doctor to find out if prehabilitation is right for you.

At North Central Surgical Center, our mission is to treat each and every one of our patients, and their families, as if they were our own family member. Each patient, each family, each and every time.

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