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Managing Your Chronic Pain

Managing Your Chronic Pain
Managing Your Chronic Pain

Managing Your Chronic PainNot being able to perform simple activities such as getting out and socializing or routine daily tasks due to pain can be quite frustrating! Pain, especially the type that lasts for a long time, can affect all aspects of your life. The causes for such pain could be due to accidental injuries, bone and joint conditions, and a variety of other causes.

Often, relief from pain is sought by taking pain medication. However, this is not a good strategy when dealing with chronic pain. In the long term, you may develop tolerance to the pain medication and it will not be as effective. In addition, there may be side effects like drowsiness, nausea, stomach upset, and damage to your liver. You may also increase your risk of developing stroke, heart attack, or bleeding disorders. Therefore, it is critical to follow your doctor’s advice regarding the type and dosage of pain medication you use.

Some forms of chronic pain may be treated with exercise. Although pain may be alleviated by some amount of rest, too much of a good thing can be counterproductive. Improving muscle tone and flexibility helps to strengthen and support your joints. Aerobic exercise improves your blood circulation and causes release of endorphins, your body’s natural pain killer.

Psychological counseling may aid in managing your pain by helping you avoid unhelpful pain-related thoughts, negative emotions and behaviors; and focus more on strengths and resources that can lead you along the path of happiness. According to research studies, happy people are better at managing pain. Harnessing the power of happiness may be simply a matter of doing some volunteer work to get your mind off yourself and your pain, taking part in some form of spiritual activity that is meaningful to you, or working towards a personal goal.

Other options for managing pain include nerve blocks, epidural injections, and radiofrequency ablation that can be administered by a pain management specialist. If you are dealing with chronic pain that is affecting your quality of life, you should contact your doctor or a pain management expert to discuss treatment options.

North Central Surgical Center pain specialists are experts at identifying the underlying cause for pain and offering personalized and effective treatments for patients in Dallas and surrounding areas in Texas.

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