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Manage Holiday Stress with These Tips

Manage Holiday Stress with These Tips
Manage Holiday Stress with These Tips

Manage Holiday Stress with these tipsHolidays are supposed to help you catch up on rest and relaxation; however, they can be stressful if you must do a lot of planning, cooking, cleaning and shopping. These factors coupled with the failure to express your problems to loved ones can lead to depression and anxiety. Here are a few tips to help you keep stress at bay.

  • Resolve issues: Try to sort out the differences between you and your family members through meaningful conversations. Expressing your feelings and concerns wholeheartedly leaves you feeling better and relaxed.
  • Plan ahead: Set a proper plan before the holidays about what you need to do or accomplish. It could be learning to play a musical instrument or visiting your friends’ or relatives’ place.
  • Medications: If you have travel anxiety or motion sickness, you may keep medicines for vomiting and nausea in your travel kit to avoid discomfort.
  • Healthy diet and exercise: Eat what you like but control your portion size and do regular exercises to prevent gaining extra pounds. Limit your alcohol intake and refrain from smoking.
  • Sleep: Do not ignore a good night’s sleep as sleep deprivation leads to irritable mood, drowsiness, inability to focus and lethargy. Sound sleep is vital to keep you alert, energetic and happy.
  • Budget shopping: You may go shopping alone, with a group of friends or your kids but limit unnecessary and expensive purchases. Buy what you need or maybe a gift for someone you love.
  • Hobbies: Try to revive an old hobby that gave you joy during your holidays like sports, visit to parks and museums, watching your favorite movies or travelling to new destinations.

Only when you keep yourself happy will you be able to keep others happy too. Follow these tips to better enjoy the holiday season.

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