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  • Tips For Reducing Joint Pain

    Tips For Reducing Joint Pain

    If you’ve ever experienced joint pain, you know that it can affect even the simplest daily tasks, such as writing, walking, cooking and gardening. By taking proper care of your joints, you can help to prevent or reduce pain that can affect the quality of your life.

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  • Throwing Injuries In Children

    Throwing Injuries In Children

    One of the more common injuries in children’s sports—specifically in baseball—is medial apophysitis, more commonly known as Little Leaguer’s elbow. Baseball pitchers are most susceptible to this injury, but any athlete who throws regularly can be susceptible. If you’re concerned your child may be at risk of Littler Leaguer’s elbow, read below to make sure you know what action to take.

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  • The R.I.C.E. Method

    The R.I.C.E. Method

    Whether you’re a professional athlete, a marathon runner, or simply someone who enjoys casually playing sports with friends, injury is bound to occur. Often, an athlete’s natural reaction to injury is to “rub some dirt on it”, walk it off and get back in the game. Unfortunately, that instinct to keep going is really not in your best interest. In fact, it can take you out of the game quicker in the long run, if a proper remedy is not utilized.

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  • When should you consider surgery to treat your injury?

    When should you consider surgery to treat your injury?

    All athletes get injured from time to time, and the majority of these injuries are minor and easy to recover from. Once you’ve hurt yourself badly, though, like tearing a ligament, the injury becomes a much more prominent part of your life. Throughout the recovery process, doctors may prescribe a variety of therapies to help you resume your daily activities.

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  • What does it take to make it in the NFL Combine?

    What does it take to make it in the NFL Combine?

    With the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine underway this week, college athletes from across the country gather in Indianapolis to (hopefully) impress NFL scouts, coaches and doctors. Some will shine and better their pick in the NFL draft, while some will fail to make their mark and go undrafted. Talk about an intimidating job interview.

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  • Ask the Doctor: foot and ankle injuries

    Ask the Doctor: foot and ankle injuries

    Dr. Carr Vineyard specializes in orthopedic surgery, ankle replacement surgery and foot and ankle disorders. Below he answers questions relating to foot and ankle issues.

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