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How Travel Can Affect Your Digestive Health

How Travel Can Affect Your Digestive Health
How Travel Can Affect Your Digestive Health


One of the biggest challenges of travel is to maintain your healthy eating habits. Indulging in a plethora of exotic foods when traveling to new places may be a lot of fun but can take a heavy toll on your digestive health.

About 30-50% of the people traveling to developing countries suffer from digestive diseases. The stress of packing and planning, the disruption of sleep, and being in a different time zone can also have a role to play in causing your tummy troubles. So how do you ensure you don’t waste any precious summer vacation time holed up in a hotel bathroom?

Here are few tips to keep your digestive system healthy when traveling:

  • Drink plenty of water & clear fluids to aid the digestive process and avoid constipation.
  • Physical activity stimulates the digestive system. Find ways to stay active while traveling.Perhaps walking up and down the aisle every hour if you are on a long flight or taking regular breaks when on a road trip to stretch and do some light
  • Don’t over indulge Too much of fatty and fried foods can clog up your colon. Stick to healthy foods as far as possible.
  • Avoid getting You are liable to make bad food choices when hungry. If you are unsure about finding a good place to eat on your journey, perhaps you can carry some healthy snacks along with you.
  • Eat plenty of Carrying a fiber-supplement may be a good idea in case you have limited access to healthy wholesome foods when on the road.
  • Watch out for traveler’s Americans aren’t used to waterborne bacteria in other countries. It might be a good idea to only drink bottled water when travelling abroad.
  • Plan for bathroom breaks. If you normally answer nature’s call at a certain time during the day, try to continue that habit during your Suppressing the urge to go to the toilet can cause constipation.
  • Make sure you get plenty of rest. Sleep deprivation makes you lethargic, easily irritated, and prone to conditions such as IBS (Irritable bowel disease). That’s certainly not how you want to feel when you’re on the move

Looking after your digestive health is important because it provides the nutrition and energy your body needs to make your summer travel plans a great success.

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