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D Magazine’s Best Doctors in Dallas for 2013

D Magazine’s Best Doctors in Dallas for 2013
D Magazine’s Best Doctors in Dallas for 2013

D Magazine recently named the Best Doctors in Dallas for 2013, and 29 physicians from North Central Surgical Center made the list. North Central Surgical Center is a nationally recognized, high quality, service-oriented hospital offering a broad range of inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures.

The North Central Surgical Center surgeons who made the list were:

1. Dr. Richardson Anderson

2. Dr. Peter Beitsch

3. Dr. Joel Brook

4. Dr. Wayne Burkhead, Jr.

5. Dr. Andrew Clavenna

6. Dr. Daniel Cooper

7. Dr. Thomas DiLiberti

8. Dr. Andrew Dossett

9. Dr. J. Marcus Downs

10. Dr. Frederick J. Duffy

11. Dr. Louis Fox

12. Dr. Hugh “Bo” Frederick

13. Dr. Brian Gogel

14. Dr. Andrew Gottesman

15. Dr. Robert Hagood

16. Dr. Philip J. Huber

17. Dr. Jefferson B. Hurley

18. Dr. Andres Katz

19. Dr. Jeffrey Krueger

20. Dr. Brice W. McKane

21. Dr. Mitchell Moskowitz

22. Dr. Carl Noe

23. Dr. Paul Peters, Jr.

24. Dr. Richard Schubert

25. Dr. Eric Smith

26. Dr. Robert Steckler

27. Dr. Walton Taylor

28. Dr. Mayra Thompson

29. Dr. Megan Wood

D. Magazine used a peer-review voting process to determine the list of best doctors. Over 8,000 local doctors were mailed a letter inviting them to vote using a ballot on the D Magazine website. Each voter can select up to three doctors in 43 categories. The nomination form asked them to cast a vote bearing in mind the following question: “Which Dallas doctors would you trust with the care of a loved one?”

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