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The Best Nutrition Is In These 8 Superfoods

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The Best Nutrition Is In These 8 Superfoods
The Best Nutrition Is In These 8 Superfoods

Superfoods!! As the name suggests, they are packed with healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that fortify your body against deadly heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and stroke. They also improve your strength, stamina, and vitality making you feel like a real-life superhero. “So, where can you find these superfoods?” you might ask. Not surprisingly, most superfoods can be found at your local supermarket. Here is a list of some superfoods and the reasons why they are super:

  • Avocados: They contain healthy fats which aid in tissue and blood regeneration and stabilize blood sugar. This can help fight against diabetes and heart disease, and reduces the risk of cancer.
  • Apples: It is true what they say – an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are loaded with powerful antioxidants which protect against cell damage. Make sure you eat the skin as well for added protection.
  • Almonds: They are loaded with lots of fiber and good fats which lower cholesterol resulting in reduced risk of heart disease. They also help you lose weight by creating a sense of fullness that prevents overeating.
  • Blueberries: They have been credited with antiaging powers that include improving brain function, eyesight, and motor coordination. These effects are brought about due to their ability to reduce inflammation which is linked to almost all chronic diseases.
  • Cabbage: Cabbage contains compounds that dramatically reduce the risk of colon cancer. Eating cabbage at least twice a week can reduce your colon cancer risk by as much as 66%. How’s that for a superpower?
  • Eggs: They are an excellent source of high quality protein containing all the essential amino acids and other important nutrients. They also help to conserve and build up your muscle mass.
  • Fish: Fish such as salmon, sardines, and herring reduce the risk of heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and diabetes. Some studies have indicated that eating fatty fish can even alleviate your mood and fight against depression. The American Heart Association recommends having at least 2 fish meals a week.
  • Red Wine: Red wine contains powerful antioxidants which are good for your heart. It has also been noted to improve the levels of good cholesterol. Moderation is important to ensure health benefits. Stick to one drink a day.

On your next visit to the supermarket, be sure to load your cart with these delicious superfoods. They can be a great starting point for the transformation to a healthier and happier lifestyle!