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Benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery
Benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

The intervention of cutting-edge robotics is an essential evolutionary step in the rapidly advancing joint replacement surgery field. It offers many benefits for both patients and surgeons. If you’re a good candidate for traditional knee replacement surgery, then chances are you’re a good candidate for robotic knee replacement.Robotic surgery does not mean that an actual robot performs the surgery. Instead,doctors use a robotic surgical arm to execute parts of the procedure, assisting in areas that demand the steadiest hand and navigating small places. Here are some of the advantages of robotic knee replacement surgery:

  • High Precision Surgery: The knee implants are inserted with a very high-level accuracy and precision. They allow for a better alignment of the bones and soft tissue balancing, ensuring a high functioning knee joint.
  • Better Patient Outcomes: Studies have shown that patients receiving robotic knee surgery experience fewer re-admissions to the hospital. They also require less rehabilitation time and less scarring.
  • Minimal Surgical Trauma: The surgery is performed through small incisions, and there is a minor injury to surrounding healthy tissue such as blood vessels, nerves,muscles, or ligaments.
  • Fewer complaints of pain and complications: There are fewer reported surgical complications using robotics in surgery, and fewer complications lead to less pain.
  • Higher Patient Satisfaction: Patients can return to their daily activities faster, which translates to higher patient satisfaction with their health care services.

Are you a candidate for knee replacement surgery?Discuss with your orthopedic surgeon today the option of robotic knee replacement surgery. They can help you figure out the best treatment for your knee and get you back to enjoying life again.

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