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Baseball Injury

  • Common Baseball Injuries To Avoid

    Common Baseball Injuries To Avoid

    Baseball (and softball) season is here, and ball diamonds everywhere are packed with players and fans—and we’re not only talking about the pros, but youth baseball, Little League and recreational softball leagues, too.

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  • Throwing Injuries In Children

    Throwing Injuries In Children

    One of the more common injuries in children’s sports—specifically in baseball—is medial apophysitis, more commonly known as Little Leaguer’s elbow. Baseball pitchers are most susceptible to this injury, but any athlete who throws regularly can be susceptible. If you’re concerned your child may be at risk of Littler Leaguer’s elbow, read below to make sure you know what action to take.

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  • Ask the doctor: shoulder injuries

    Ask the doctor: shoulder injuries

    Dr. Moen specializes in the comprehensive care of the shoulder, with a focus on the arthroscopic, replacement, and reconstructive surgical treatment of shoulder disorders. Dr. Moen also has received specific training in the surgical and non-surgical care of athletic and sports injuries of the elbow.

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