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7 Reasons Why So Many Diets Fail

7 Reasons Why So Many Diets Fail
7 Reasons Why So Many Diets Fail

7 Reasons Why So Many Diets FailDiets are started with the best of intentions – to lose a couple of inches off the waistline, get into better shape, and improve overall health. However, as the weeks and months pass by, the initial weight loss that generally occurs slows down resulting in boredom and lack of motivation. Sugary treats may seem irresistible and before you know it, you have regained all the lost weight and then some! 

Here are some of the top reasons why so many diets fail:

  1. Unrealistic: Trying to lose too much weight can not only cause frustration, but also result in serious health complications such as gallbladder disease. You should not aim to lose more than 1-2 pounds per week.
  2. Unscientific: A scientifically planned diet will include all the major macro and micronutrients that are essential for the healthy functioning of human body. Missing out on important food groups can result in nutritional deficiencies and ill health.
  3. Too Drastic: A drastic reduction in calories can cause your body to go into “famine” mood slowing down your body’s metabolism, reducing your energy levels, and compromising your immune system.
  4. Not following a healthy lifestyle: Your diet should be accompanied by the right lifestyle changes to be effective in the long-term.  This means regular exercise and 7-8 hours of sleep every day.
  5. No Support System: While it is possible to stick to your diet on your own, your weight-loss journey can be made much easier if you are able to enlist the support of friends and family.
  6. No Reward System: Break your long-term goals into smaller ones and reward yourself on reaching them. Perhaps you could buy yourself a smaller pair of pants or treat yourself to a massage.
  7. Being Inflexible: It is okay to schedule a cheat meal once a week to prevent boredom from completely sabotaging your diet. Additionally, the occasional high-calorie meal may boost your metabolism and trigger faster fat loss.


Now that you are aware of these common pitfalls in dieting and the ways to get around them, your dreams of a fitter & healthier body can soon become reality.

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