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6 Tips For Staying Fit on Vacation

6 Tips For Staying Fit on Vacation
6 Tips For Staying Fit on Vacation

Summertime is just around the corner. Have you started planning your summer vacation? It’s easy to let vacation derail healthy eating and exercise routines, but just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with your healthy habits.

Don’t let a week or two of vacation set you back on your fitness goals. Stay fit on your vacation with these six tips:

  1. Plan ahead. The most important step for staying fit on vacation is to have a game plan in place before you ever leave home. Make a vacation fitness plan so you don’t have to spend valuable vacation time finding a place to get your workout in.
  2. Explore the area. Part of planning ahead involves exploring fitness options in the area where you will be staying. Does your hotel have a gym? Are there walking/running trails nearby? If you are going on a cruise or staying at a resort, group fitness classes may be available to you.
  3. Plan a physical activity for each day. Of course you want to relax on your vacation, but be sure to include daily physical activities in your plans. Some suggestions include hiking, rock climbing, a jog down the beach or a walking tour of a historical area. Whatever you choose to do, make moving part of your daily plans.
  4. Get help from your trainer. If you work with a fitness trainer or attend a group exercise class, ask your trainer to help you put together a workout plan for your vacation. Keep in touch with your trainer while you’re away to stay accountable.
  5. Use what you’ve got. Staying fit on vacation doesn’t mean you have to have access to a gym or fitness equipment. All you need is a small piece of open space—a park, parking lot or even your hotel room—where you can get in a bodyweight workout. A circuit of simple bodyweight exercises—like squats, squat jumps, pushups, planks, lunges, burpees and high knees—will get your blood flowing and burn plenty of calories, no matter where you do them!
  6. Try Tabata for a quick workout. Short on time? A bodyweight Tabata workout is a great way to get in a cardio and strength workout when you don’t have much time. Tabata is term for high intensity exercise intervals. For example, for each exercise, do 10 rounds of 20 seconds of high-intensity work with a 10 second rest in between. Use the types of bodyweight exercises listed above for your Tabata workout.

Your vacation should be a relaxing time for you and your family, but that doesn’t mean you need to skip out on exercise while you’re away. Make the most of every opportunity to get in a little exercise, even if that means parking at the back of the parking lot, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking around the airport while you’re waiting on your flight.

Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day you’re away, even if that means 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there. Some exercise is better than no exercise, and you’ll thank yourself when you get home from your vacation and get back to your normal exercise routine.


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